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Questions and Answers

How Do I Use My Supplements ?

Answer: Legal steroids, muscle builders, and fat burners must be taken in a specific way for maximum benefit. For details on how to use your bodybuilding supplements, click on the button below.

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Has My Order Been Shipped ?

When Will My Supplements Be Delivered ?

Answer: Orders ship out every morning at 9am. The average delivery time is 2-5 days.

When you place your order, you will first receive an order confirmation in your email.

Please note, your credit card may not be charged immediately. This is normal.

You will receive a USPS Tracking number within 24 buisness hours. Click on the button below to track your order.

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Are These Supplements Legal ?

Answer: Yes. These products are 100% legal within the United States. The ingredients are not under any FDA ban, nor do these products contain any ingredients that require a medical prescription.

It is worth noting that some athletic governing bodies may have a ban on performance enhancement products. You can obtain a list from your athletic commissioner regarding banned substances.

Legal steroids and anabolic supplements are most often used by professional athletes, competing bodybuilders, and military personnel.

Do You Still Have More Questions ?

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