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The World's #1 Selling Synthol Muscle Site Enhancement Oil.

syntholSynthobolic® is a state of the art, synthetically engineered muscle enhancer oil manufactured and distributed by Muscle Labs USA. This product has quickly been branded "The most amazing bodybuilding tool created". Read the internet reviews on this amazing new innovation in site enhancement oils.The fact is, Synthobolic® is the #1 choice among professional bodybuilders. No other synthol site enhancement oil produces such drastic, yet natural looking improvements in muscularity.

Bodybuilding chat forums and supplement review boards have said "Muscle Labs USA has perfected Synthol". Check out the reviews for yourself, absolutely amazing. First times users are commonly reporting 3" on a bicep in just 30 days!! 





syntholSynthobolic® synthol is a steroid free muscle growth product. Synthobolic® will produce instant gains in muscle mass and definition as well as strength increases. The dramatic results come from the internal swelling of muscle fibers and stretching of the muscle fascia. Fascia is a major restrictive factor of muscle growth. Synthol stretches the fascia, making it more pliable, and once the oil dissipates, the fascia still remains pliable for some time.When in a proper anabolic environment (training, adequeate nutrients, and rest) the muscle will grow much easier due to the more pliable fascia. The End result is that the original size achieved with the Synthol will be with real muscle tissue.

This muscular activity is very similar to the internal process that occurs during a strenuous bicep curl workout. New vascular tissue is produced while the muscle is expanded, which results in semi-permanent gains. The blood supply is increased because of the new vascular tissue and this provides extra nutrients which allows the muscle to grow even more, resulting in permanent gains of muscle mass and definition.

Unlike all the other site enhancement oils on the market which blur and smooth out definition, Synthobolic® muscle enhancer oil produces a much harder,more defined look that lasts longer. The end result is guaranteed size and definition of astronomical proportions. Gains are determined not by genetics, but rather the specific synthol regimen you choose to follow. There are various regimens that can be utilized, most resulting in guaranteed gains of 3" ON EACH BICEP in only a 1 month time frame! By true definition the gains are not "permanent", but they are certainly semi-permanent. Many users report the massive gains they attain are still present after two to three years.....some as long as 5 years!

Synthol site enhancement oils are NOT all the same. In fact, Synthobolic® is one of 3 pharmaceutical grade muscle site enhancement oils. Use the 4 pointers below to identify a legitmate muscle enhancer.

A) In Glass vials only (not plastic)

B) Properly vacuum sealed bottle.

C) Contain proper ingredients and portions of benzyl alcohol,benzyl benzoate,anesthetics and growth promotants.

D) Properly PH balanced to remove painful irritation after your application.

D) Synthobolic® is prepared in a lab with qualified staff that specialize in sterile material processing.




SYNTHOL muscle

Synthobolic® is nothing like any other synthol on the market. This muscle enhancer utilizes a proprietary blend of legal growth factors, as well as added nutritional support that will further enhance muscle growth. Unfortunately Most of the cheap preparations being sold are nothing more than food grade oils or cheap medium chain triglycerides. Those products are NOT effective and definitely NOT SAFE.

Do not use cheap black market products. They are do not prepare the synthol under sterile procesing methods. If you are serious about muscle mass and looking good, Synthobolic® is your choice

Purchase real synthol site enhancement products, not imitations. Not only will you get far superior results, but your safety will not be compromised due to some less than sterile product.

This product is a topical oil used to enhance the appearance of muscle and reduce post workout soreness. Synthobolic® is a very unique product that should only be used by indivuals who are very serious about muscle mass. We recommend you do some internet research and make sure the product is for you. 


IF YOU WANT SCULPTED MUSCLES OR FREAK PROPORTIONS, Synthobolic® brand Synthol IS THE RIGHT CHOICE. BODYBUILDING PROFESSIONALS, AMATEURS, AND MODELS ALIKE ALL USE SYNTHOL.The product is not only for biceps. It can be used on just about any muscle group.The gains are so immediate that Pro Level Bodybuilders typically use it "Pre contest" to bring up a lagging bodypart that may be out of proportion to the other. Use of Synthrol 877 (TM) guarantees that no muscle will be out of proportion to another.

Safety Warning

Pregnant or lactating women should avoid use of this product. Please consult your physician prior to starting any exercise or nutrition program. Keep out of reach of children. Store this bottle tightly closed in a cool, dry place away from direct heat, moisture and sunlight.

Legal Disclaimer

These statements have not yet been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* All liquids are sold for topical use only unless directions for use specify otherwise.