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Workout Tips

True Key to MuscleBuilding


As a personal fitness instructor, the most commonly asked question of all is "What is the quickest way to build muscle"? Building lean muscle mass is obviously a goal that just about everyone who works out is trying to achieve.


I apply a rather interesting concept to the approach that is both unqique and very effective. Rule #1: We need to understand muscle growth. Why does a muscle grow? What causes it to grow? Does diet really matter? What about Anabolic Steroids or Bodybuilding Supplements to facilitate and speed up the process? How fast can a muscle grow? Anabolic steroids? Legal Steroids? Steroid Alternatives?


Let me start by the simplest answer: Muscle growth is simply an adaptation to an increase in resistance or weight load. So in summary, focus on getting stronger and size and muscular body mass will follow. A common approach is "If I wanna bench press 400 lbs I need to get bigger first". That scenario is actually backwards. What you should do is train very heavy, with the intent on getting stronger, the muscle mass will follow. If you can bench press 300'll have a big chest. If you can curl 135 lbs for reps you will have nice arms. FOCUS ON GETTING STRONGER. Getting stronger is something you can actually control directly, getting bigger is something that is secondary to strength and it is partially genetically dispositioned.


Another key point: Always change your workout regimen. This is very important because once a set of muscles adapts to a specific regimen, the results will stop. Doing the same thing over and over is technically called "conditioning". Once a muscle is conditioned to a specific exercise, muscle growth stops. Keep those workouts constantly changing.Now let's discuss Diet and Supplementation. An increase in protein can be very beneficial.Staying properly hydrated is very important too. Since muscle is mostly composed of water, alot of people overlook the importance of water for muscle mass.


Let me turn you on to a very basic strength training tip that I personally have used to increase stregth consistently and steadily. Let's use a hypothetical starting point. Let's say you can bench press 200 lbs for 3 reps. After a proper warm up, do your 3 reps with the 200 lbs. Carefully time your rest inbetween sets. After 3 minutes do the 3 reps of 200 lbs again. Blow out 8-10 sets of that. Carefully record the time and completion in a notebook. If you cannot complete it, DO NOT MOVE ON until you can do at least 8-10 sets of that particular weight.


In short, every week you do the bench press, shorten the rest between sets. Drop 20-30 seconds of rest in between each set, every week. So on week 2 of bench pressing, your rest between sets should be like 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Once again, until you can do 8-10 full SETS of 3 reps do not move on. By the end of this 9 week cycle, your reps should easily go from 3 reps of 200 lbs to 6-9 reps of 200 lbs.


If carefully followed, eventually the rest between the first and second set will be totally eliminated. When you reach that point, congratulations, you're 3 rep max has increased and the whole cycle can be repeated for further progress. I wish you the best of luck.


Remember "strength is a mental game".....but get stronger, and you will get bigger and gain muscle size.