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Andro-Tren™ 30 Capsules Muscle Building Supplements

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Andro-Tren™ 30 Capsules Muscle Building Supplements

Dose: Take 1 capsules daily. Do not exceed to capsules in 1 day. Never take 2 capsules at the same time. Spread dose 4-6 hours apart. Take each dose with a full glass of milk.

Muscle Labs USA has just created the Most Powerful, the Most Bioavailable, Most Endogenous steroid that the United States law will presently permit!

We want to introduce you to Andro-Tren (TM)! Andro-Tren (TM) has been scientifically designed to intensify absorption and uptake into the body. If your goals are to get a rock hard physique, make rapid strength gains, and increase your vascularity and muscle pumps then this product is a MUST have to add to your training rotation.

Because of Muscle Labs USA exceedingly low toxicity, Andro-Tren (TM) can be taken over a longer period of time then other supplements. You can discontinue use once you've reached your desired results. Avoid the temptation to abuse this product in an attempt to see faster gains, as you could find yourself dealing with undesired and unfortunate side effects. Take only as directed on the bottle.

* ANDRO-TREN FORMULATION is over 10x as strong as any competitors legal prohomrone products - Check it out!

Product Clasification: Legal Steroids - TREN - Anabolic Supplements - Mass Gainer