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Bulking Stack *8-10 Week-For Mass Gains

Bulking Stack *8-10 Week-For Mass Gains

Bulking Stack Contains 2 bottles of Diandrobol® (D-Bol) and 2 bottles of Testosterone-1™.

Each bottle of Testosterone-1 contains 50 tablets.

Each bottle of Diandrobol® contains 100 capsules.

If your goals are to improve strength, gain mass, and increase weight, this is the perfect bulking stack.

Use 2-3 Diandrobol® daily.

Use 1-2 Testosterone-1™ Daily.

Be sure to consume a protein shake as it will provid more protein for anabolism, and it also helps improve uptake.

100% Safe and legal. No Banned Ingredients. PCT suggested but not required.