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• Extreme Fat Burning

• Metabolic Elevation

• Anti-Lipogenic

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21 Reviews
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Great Product
Review: 4 - "Great Product" by
Aug. 20, 2018 Lost some weight and had awesome energy before my workouts

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Not bad
Review: 3.5 - "Not bad" by
Nov. 1, 2018 Pretty good-didn't lose as much fat as I wanted, will stack it next time with other products for faster results

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Best Fat Burner I've Ever Used!!!
Review: 5 - "Best Fat Burner I've Ever Used!!!" by
Sep. 14, 2018 Will purchase again and again

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Review: 5 - "LOST ALOT OF WEIGHT" by
This product is amazing- lost over the amount I wanted to in a month!

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Gets you cut
Review: 5 - "Gets you cut" by
Cleaned up my gains nice

Verified Buyer
Nice preworkout
Review: 5 - "Nice preworkout" by
Took an hour before my work outs- great for energy & pumps

Verified Buyer
Gives you a nice edge
Review: 5 - "Gives you a nice edge" by
Works really well

Verified Buyer
Review: 5 - "Awesome" by
Gave me great focus & lost the weight I needed to lose

Verified Buyer
Works fast
Review: 5 - "Works fast " by
Felt it the first time I used it! Great rush & focus- like it as a pre workout

Verified Buyer
Real deal
Review: 5 - "Real deal" by
It works !

Verified Buyer
Perfect for burning fat
Review: 5 - "Perfect for burning fat" by
I can’t say enough about his well this product works... from the energy to burning fat- love it!

Verified Buyer
Good thermogenic
Review: 5 - "Good thermogenic" by
Nice supplement- and I did not get the jitters

Verified Buyer
Review: 4.5 - "Good " by
Only gave 4 1/2 stars because it made me jittery- but I did lose weight & got cut

Verified Buyer
Works well
Review: 4 - "Works well" by
Like it, lost too much weight though

Verified Buyer
Review: 5 - "5 STAR PREWORKOUT!" by
Great preworkout- take an hour before hitting the gym

Verified Buyer
Good stuff
Review: 5 - "Good stuff" by
You can’t go wrong with Clenbuterall

Verified Buyer
My FAVE Muscle Labs Product
Review: 5 - "My FAVE Muscle Labs Product" by
Love this stuff- I was worried with the new look- but it’s still the same great Clen

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Fast working
Review: 5 - "Fast working" by
Didn’t expect it to work so fast!

Verified Buyer
Really like this
Review: 5 - "Really like this" by
Great for cutting and leaning out

Verified Buyer
Awesome preworkout
Review: 5 - "Awesome preworkout" by
Great energy !

Verified Buyer
Just Got This
Review: 5 - "Just Got This" by
Just got it I can bet this will work fur me. Thank You very much.

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Great Product
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