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Cutting Stack *8-10 Week-Get Shredded

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Cutting Stack *8-10 Week-Get Shredded

This is a solid pre-competition cutting stack for bodybuilders. It can also be used by non-competing bodybuilers as the perfect "summer-shred" stack !

You are getting 2 bottles of Anivar, and 2 bottls of Clenbuterall.

Each bottle of Anivar contains 50 capsules.

Each bottle of Clenbuterall contains 60 capsules.

Take Anivar (1 capsule) once in the morning with breakfast and once with dinner.

Use 1-2 Clenbuterall capsules about 20 minutes before training with a full glas of water. Start with 1 capsule. After 1 week move on to 2.