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Trendrolone™ (Tren) 30 Capsules Muscle Hardener

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Trendrolone™ (Tren) 30 Capsules Muscle Hardener

Trendrolone™ entirely replicates the effect of steroid Trenbaolone while keeping the negative aspects aside. The supplement is well-known to help you with huge muscle gains and strength. It also improves your overall physical condition.


Just like all the muscle growth steroids, Trendrolone™ also upsurges the percentage of nitrogen holding in your muscles. For those of you who don’t know, nitrogen is the key component in helping you grow your muscles. The more nitrogen holding the more muscle growth.


Use: Great supplement for bulking hard muscles. Equally great for losing excess body fat while maintaining your muscle growth.


Each Bottle Contains: Trendrolone™ 30 Capsules


Product Classification: Legal Steroids/Lean Muscle Gains Supplements.


Product Categories: Lean muscle gains, increase power suppplement, fat loss supplement, increase vascularity supplement, muscle gaining supplement.


This product is for you if:

1) You want enormous muscle growth.

2) You want to increase power, stamina and body training.

3) You want to build muscle and lose fat.

4) You want to increase vasularity.

5) You want extreme results.

6) You want nitrogen retention in your muscles.


* NO PCT or Liverguard is Needed.


This is the ultimate muscle builder/fat burner supplement.


Recommended dose is 1-2 capsules an hour before working out.

0 Reviews

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