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Winsdrol Best Bodybuilding Supplement (3 bottles)

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Winsdrol Best Bodybuilding Supplement (3 bottles)

Winsdrol-V (TM) 3 Bottle 180 Capsule - Triple Up on Savings with This Stack! Winsdrol-V (TM) is typically "stacked" with legal steroids or methylated-based anabolic supplements. Winsdrol is preferred by many legal steroid users due to the fact that it causes strength increases without excess weight gain, dramatic fat loss and promotes increases in vascularity,and will not convert to estrogen. It also does not cause excess water retention, and is thought to have a diuretic effect on the body.

Winsdrol-V (TM) is commonly used by professional athletes and competing bodybuilders to burn off fat while retaining lean body mass.

This is the Not only is this the MMA fighters secret tool for making weight and staying strong, but professional bodybuilders have always used this to get cut and shredded in the final 2-3 weeks right before a show. It is usually used during the "cutting cycle", to help preserve lean body mass while metabolizing adipose, and it has been proven conclusively that it has very unique fat-burning properties.

Winsdrol is also commonly stacked with bulking cycles to help fine tune muscular gains. Second to those wanting to achieve rock hard abdominal muscles, the Most common use is as a pre bodybuilding contest product.

So whether you're a competitive bodybuilder, or just someone who wants those rock hard defined muscle in time for summer, this is the product you need.For maximum effects, a complete 12 week cycle should be taken.

It is presented most commonly in 60 Capsule bottles. A common dosage can be 1 capsule daily taken approximately 20 minutes prior to training, with optimal results usually seen at 2 capsules daily. The pills are prepared in a unique micronized hcl capacity and does not have a typical elimination half-life.

Detection of use:
Each bottle contains 60 capsules which if taking the minimal required dose fulfills a 60 day supply.

Although Winsdrol-V is categorized as "legal steroids" or "fat burning pills" these potent dietary supplements are 100% legal and safe for use in the USA. *Although it is legal, it may be banned for use in some competitions.

Winsdrol is subject to safe hepatic biotransformation by a variety of enzymatic pathways. The primary metabolites are unique to Winsdrol and are detectable in the urine for up to 10 days after a single capsule, however Winsdrol is legal and contains no illegal prescription substances.

Law: In the United States, Winsdrol-V is categorized under "legal steroid" by athletes, however Winsdrol is a dietary supplement and contains no illegal anabolic ingredients. Winsdrol-V is safe,and is under no FDA recalls of any kind.

Side Effects:
When taked as recommended, side effects are minimal if any. Some users may experience a feeling of aggrevation,aggression, excess sweating and increased energy, but most find these effects tolerable.

User report rapid gains in strength and recovery all while experiencing a minimal gain in body weight while using Winsdrol-V. Winsdrol is ideal for individuals who want to increase muscle tone (especially to the abdominals),without bulking up and gaining weight. This is a popular pre contest bodybuilding compound and also great for MMA fighters, boxers and others competitors who want to maintain a specific body weight, but gain strength and aggression.

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